Performance 70 CL Series

The Performance 70 CL system offers the highest thermal efficiency for windows and sliding doors on the market and an excellent overall performance without compromising the exterior appearance thanks to the reinforced central pruning, a patented innovation by the Sapa Group.

It has profiles of connection to the system of stopper Performance 70 FP.

With a modern design, the Performance 70 CL features straight and sober lines and can be applied in both rehabilitation and new construction projects, whether in the residential or public sector. The Performance 70 CL was designed to produce windows and doors with the largest glazing area possible through high profile profiles. Its excellent air permeability translates into a high thermal performance, allowing to meet the most demanding requirements of energy efficiency.

Access for people with reduced mobility is an asset of the Performance 70 CL solution as it allows access to wheelchairs without loss of permeability performance, as well as the possibility of installation in special buildings such as homes and houses resting for the elderly.

Performance 70 CLA Performance 70 CL incorporates a wide range of access and security solutions from one-point or multi-point locks with easy-to-use handles, inner or outer cylinder locks or both, interior or exterior door handles and anti- lifting to prevent the removal of windows.

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