Ekosol Slide VEKA 70 MM

Thermal insulation value profile Uf = 2.1
W / m2K
Glasses with thickness up to 28 mm.
Excellent sound insulation 4/16/4 + 4 = RW 32 db
2/3 chamber profile (rim / leaf)
Profile Depth 70 mm
Robust steel profile inside
Bicromatched steel hardware system
EPDM rubber seals, weatherproof and aging resistant
Various color finishes
AEV Assays
Water tightness: Class 5A-EN 1027: 2000
Air permeability: Class 4 * -EN 1026: 2000
Wind Resistance: C5 * -EN 12211: 2000

* Maximum ratings with respect to the standard


It has leaves that open inside or out. The leaves that open to the outside these days are rare in our country. The opening shaft is located on the side of the frame and the window leaf. The windows with leaves that open to the interior of the house are called windows with interior opening. They have the advantage that the outer surface of the glass panels can be cleaned from the inside easily and without danger. Disadvantage: The leaf leaves do not have a tilting position, so that with open leaves rain or snow can penetrate easily.


The window opens to the interior, being this the type of opening more usual in our country nowadays. It combines two possibilities of opening (stop or tilting) on ​​a sheet, which is a great advantage. Handling on the oscillating windows is central with a comfortably accessible handle. The oscillating leaves should not be in their structure, wider than tall, since the very broad leaves overload the hinges and tend to collapse.


The windows with tilting leaves move the leaf as it opens around a horizontal lower axis. The opening direction is directed inwards. The sheet is rebound from the plane of the window into the house, thus leaving at the top a slot open for ventilation. The disadvantage of these windows is that they are very difficult to clean from the outside, which is why they are mainly used in mezzanines, cellars, and also as skylights.


In these windows, the panels are placed directly inside the rim. They do not open. Therefore, the cleaning and care options of these windows should be taken into account.


This door has a tilting position for ventilation and a sliding function to allow passage. They are manufactured according to the profile size of the sheets and the doors, but they can not be manufactured in such large sizes as in the elevator doors.

Harmony Doors and Windows

Harmonious running doors are special constructions and must be mounted only in protected locations. They are manufactured by special door profiles. The opening sheet is folded leaving the total surface open. The choice is left or right a regular wobble, all other sheets can fold.

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